RPM Global Tooling is committed to providing our customers with quality service at a significant reduction of cost.  Our services included:



  • Production Plastic Injection Molds, Trim Dies, Thermoform molds, Progressive stamping Dies
  • Prototype Molds
  • We offer Prototype molds that will be delivered to our customers or,
  • For even greater cost saving only ship parts to our customers with the mold remaining in China.
  • Mold Flow and Warp and Cooling analysis
  • CNC machining (from full builds to high tolerance intricate inserts and components)
  • Plastic part manufacturing and part tryouts
  • Product Assembly and packaging
  • Fixture building
  • Design and Engineering
  • Stamping and Progressive Dies

We have everything from High Speed 5 Axis machines, 4 axis and 3 axis CNC’s to Manual mills.  Please browse our pictures library to get an idea of all of our well maintained equipment.

RPM Global

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